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Hey, everyone! Long time since I’ve posted here on my blog. Why? I’ve been completely focused on my job, family, and (in my limited spare time) Youtube Channel. These days, My PPC Ian YouTube Channel about dividend growth investing is flourishing (up to 16,000 subscribers and growing!). As such, I wanted to take this opportunity to start sharing some of my favorite YouTube videos here on my blog. I hope you enjoy this one about one of my favorite dividend stocks of all time, Coca-Cola (KO)! Do you enjoy investing in dividend stocks? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below!

My Coca-Cola (KO) Dividend Investing Video

Investing Video Description and Notes

Of course I own this particular stock in my dividend stock portfolio! It’s a big, blue chip company, one that has an incredible brand (perhaps the best ever). Margins are great (incredible), and it has staying power. And, of course, they raise the dividend consistently. In fact, since first purchasing shares in 2011, I’m already yielding 5% on cost. I’m talking about The Coca-Cola Company (ticker: KO).

After my recent Video Analyzing The Kraft-Heinz Company (KHC) and how I’m staying away due to the large controlling interest owned by Warren Buffet and 3G Capital, I started receiving a flurry of questions about Coca-Cola, perhaps Warren Buffet’s most famous investment. So, I just had to film this video to share why KO is quite different than KHC in my opinion.

Today’s video is a long one with a thorough fundamental stock analysis of KO and also high level insights about my personal investment philosophy. It’s a good one. Some highlights:

  • Learn about yield on cost and why I’m personally yielding 5% on my Coca-Cola stock.
  • Learn about Coca-Cola’s rich history of increasing dividends on an annual basis (quite aggressively).
  • See why it’s a good thing (in my opinion) that Warren Buffet is involved here.
  • Learn about their portfolio of brands.
  • See how I analyze their Annual (10-K) and Quarterly (10-Q) reports.
  • Learn about Coca-Cola’s underperformance (vs. the S&P 500 and their peer group) in recent years, and how I don’t really mind (it’s all about long-term perspective when investing for passive income).
  • See how refranchising and tax reform are really affecting Coca-Cola’s numbers.
  • Revenue, gross profit, operating income, income before taxes, and income after taxes are all down!
  • That being said, could Coca-Cola be turning the corner? Watch today’s video to find out!
  • Learn about Coca-Cola’s organic sales growth and their long-term refranchising vision (through my eyes, at least).
  • See why it’s really difficult to pinpoint a PE ratio here.
  • Am I a buyer of KO here? Watch the video to learn more!

While this is a long video, I invite you to hang in there. The investing insights, in my opinion, are worth the time investment.

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Disclosure: I am long Coca-Cola (KO). I own this stock in my portfolio.

Disclaimer: I’m not a licensed investment advisor, and today’s video (and related blog post) are just for entertainment and fun. This video and blog post are NOT investment advice. Also, I’m not a tax advisor and today’s video and blog post are NOT tax advice. Please talk to your licensed investment advisor before making any financial decisions.

All content on my YouTube channel and blog is (c) Copyright IJL Productions LLC.