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When it comes to PPC networks you probably only think about AdWords and Bing. However, as you probably know, those aren’t the only PPC networks out there. Due to the enormous success of the PPC model, many companies have burst onto the scene with their own platforms. With so many companies wanting a slice of the profits, this has lead to endless PPC networks popping up.

These less popular PPC networks contain plenty of cheap keywords that are just waiting to be found by advertisers. Each one with a specialisation in a certain niche from content marketing to mobile ads. No matter if you’re looking for a new network or cheaper alternative, we’ve got plenty of excellent PPC networks you need to try.

Here are the top PPC networks you need to know about in 2020.

The Best PPC Networks of 2020

Special Mention: Google Ads

google adwords the best ppc network

The daddy of the PPC world, there’s no denying that Google Ads is still the best thing since sliced bread. With the sheer amount of traffic and keywords up for grabs, using Google Ads is a must no matter the size of your campaign or budget. Featuring a huge ad network including millions of 3rd party websites, Google is suitable for any type of campaign no matter how niche it may be.

The only downside to Google Ads is the competitiveness. Since it’s the first choice for many advertising agencies and companies, prices can often be costly compared to other lesser-known networks. However, it’s no secret that Google is the most used search engine in the world and attracts billions of people every single day. If you want the maximum exposure on your campaign, then Google Ads should be number 1 on your list. If you want to learn more about Google Ads be sure to read our How to Advertise on Google post.

But enough about Google Ads, we’re here to take a look at the hundreds of other PPC networks out there. Let’s begin with one of the most popular networks, Bidvertiser.

#1: Bidvertiser

bidvertiser ppc network

Bidvertiser is a not so well known network that is full of cheap clicks and makes a great Adsense alternative. Maybe you’ve been declined from Adsense or worse, banned! Whatever the reason it’s not the end of the world, there are plenty of other great PPC networks. Bidvertiser works by displaying its ads on 3rd party websites who sign up under their revenue share scheme. Publishers get a cut of the cost per click for displaying the advert on their website.

Unlike larger PPC networks, the average cost per click on Bidvertiser is much lower. For smaller advertisers, this is great as you can display some ads without paying through the roof. Using Bidvertiser you can often get cheap short tail keywords which would otherwise cost tens of dollars on Google Ads. Although there are numerous benefits for advertisers, publishers will often have to settle for less than impressive payouts. Cheaper cost per clicks also means cheaper payouts for advertisers which isn’t ideal. Unless you’ve been declined or banned from every PPC network out there, we’d stick to using Bidvertiser for running campaigns only.

#2: RevContent

revcontent ppc network logo

With PPC becoming increasingly popular, many networks have made their own platforms with unique twists. RevContent is one of those networks that focuses on a particular type of PPC which is is content advertising. Instead of displaying any old advert on partners websites, RevContent only displays relevant content ads. Not only does this help increase click-through rates, but also conversion rates. Think of it as a way to advertise your content on an external website. You simply bid for a certain keyword and your content will be displayed underneath content on other sites.

Currently, RevContent gets over 250 billion clicks a month which is a crazy amount of traffic. If you want to drive some extra traffic to your website via content marketing, then RevContent is a must use. Not only can you get really low cost per clicks, but you’ll also be attracting extremely relevant and information-hungry visitors.

#3: AdRoll

adroll ppc network Logo

AdRoll is the retargeting network of choice for many online advertisers. Utilising the power of networks from websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google, AdRoll helps turn visitors into buyers. By actively targeting visitors who have already visited your website, retargeting helps bring visitors back to your website. These ads show up as they browse other websites online which grabs their attention and brings them back. Using their massive ad exchange, AdRoll can place your adverts on thousands of different websites which constantly remind visitors about your website. This ability to reach almost 100% of past visitors is what really makes this network stand out.

Sure, retargeting is possible on other platforms such as Google, but that only works on certain websites. Since Google Adsense isn’t the only ad network, there will be thousands of website that won’t display your ad. By combining all of the networks into 1 easy to use platform, AdRoll is a must use if you’re planning on running a successful PPC campaign.

#4: Facebook Ads

facebook ads logo

Facebook Ads have been around for a while, yet advertisers have only just started to make the most out of the network. Compared to other networks, Facebook Ads allows advertisers to user many unique targeting options that simply aren’t available anywhere else. Instead of focusing on specific keywords, advertisers can dig deeper and target individual’s interests and likes which isn’t possible on traditional PPC networks.

Another good thing about Facebook Ads is that the ads themselves are particularly hard to block. On other networks like Google, a simple ad blocking plugin will remove the paid adverts at the top of the searches. Not ideal if you’re an advertiser and want maximum exposure. However, on Facebook Ads promoted and sponsored posts are seamlessly merged into users news feeds which make them a lot harder to block. This means more exposure for advertisers and ultimately more clicks.

Recently Facebook Ads have also included their newest platform Instagram to the network, making it possible to advertise on Instagram using the same PPC network. Not only does this increase the reach of the network but again, it helps with reaching those hard to target audiences that don’t use Facebook and run adblocker.

#5: Bing Ads

bing ads logo

If you’re having any trouble with getting Google Ads working then Bing Ads is an excellent alternative. Known for its similarities to the Google, Bing is a highly popular search engine and still receives millions of searches every day.

Responsible for the ads on both the Bing and Yahoo search engine, Bing Ads has the second largest network behind Google. This is obviously an important factor when it comes to PPC campaigns. You might find yourself a really good deal for 1 cent per click, but if you’re only getting 1 click a day (or worse a month) then is it really worth it? Good PPC campaigns require lots of clicks to drive traffic and ultimately conversions. Without an extensive PPC network that is capable of getting your advert out there, you might as well not be running a campaign at all. To learn more about the bing PPC network, check out our Is Bing PPC A Good Network To Use post.

#6: BuySellAds

buy sell ads ppc logo

Next up on our list of PPC network is BuySellAds. Although they’re not technically a PPC network, they are one of the biggest display ad networks out there. With thousands of different sites to choose from, BuySellAds have the perfect site for every advertiser. Simply search their huge database of websites and pick the most relevant one to your niche. BuySellAds then lets you select from a range of different ad sizes and pricing models from CPM to monthly costs.

In addition to having a wide range of sites, BuySellAds also have exclusive websites that you can’t advertise with on other networks. If you want to try something different to PPC ads then display ads are the next step. Although they might not have as much reach or customizability, they’re a good tool to have in your arsenal.

#7: Advertise.com

advertise ppc network logo

If you’re looking to improve your paid search results and increase your profits then Advertise.com is a must try. Offering a range of services from contextual advertising to social and video, you can get some quality traffic without paying a lot. Having been in the industry for a very long time, Advertise.com have developed an excellent reputation for themselves. This means you can rely on their service and not have to worry about being scammed, unlike other ad networks.

Overall, Advertise.com is a great replacement for popular PPC networks and can offer some seriously low costs per click. By switching your campaigns over to the less popular ad networks, there is definitely a lot less competition. Not only can you use these low costs to your advantage, but you can also experiment with new advertising methods e.g. video ads.

#8: AdBlade

adblade logo

When it comes to lesser-known PPC networks, AdBlade is an excellent choice. Not only do they boast a reach of over 300 million users, but they also give advertisers the ability to target premium national and local sites. With a range of ads types including both in and out of content ads, its no wonder AdBlade call themselves the most innovative content-style ad platform on the web!

Having been in business since 2008, AdBlade currently works with hundreds of agencies, brands, and direct response advertisers that rely on the company for their traffic. If you’re fed up with paying tens of dollars per click, then AdBlade could be the alternative you’re looking for. By specialising in content advertising, AdBlade are able to attract a specific type of user that enjoys reading. If your business currently has a blog and heavily relies on promoting original content then AdBlade could be a great platform to help increase your exposure. With prices starting from as little as a few cents per click, you could be making a much higher return on your advertising budget with this PPC network.

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